AGV EXTREME STANDARDS: a revolution in helmet design that achieves tangible and measurable improvements in:

- Protection
- Fit
- Comfort
- Reliability
- Environmental Impact

Great aerodynamics, it's like you're not even wearing a helmet

Outstanding vision, like switching from TV to cinema

Amazing ventilation, you can really feel it



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Measuring the circumference of a head isn't enough to tell you its shape. You need much more detailed measurements to design a better helmet.

The AGV EXTREME STANDARDS process is based on authoritative studies and multiple scans which have enabled us to identify anthropometric parameters that allow each size to be tailored much more precisely.

This data is "mathematically" transformed to create a "digital head" used as the basis for designing the helmet starting from the components in direct contact with the head and working out to the shell. The shape of the structures are modelled on the contact surfaces to provide much improved ergonomics.

Every component in the helmet is represented in digital form and becomes the basis for all the subsequent design stages.



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FEM analysis of the structure of the helmet allows both the weight and size to be reduced while improving the helmet's capacity to absorb energy.


The AGV Extreme Standards process has been able to identify that the thickness of the visor in the "window" area (i.e. the area potentially most exposed to impact) should be 3.3 mm to provide better protection. Although thicker and more curved, the visor is classified as Optical Class I. The highest classification.


The size of the visor mechanism has been drastically reduced. This allows the space saved to be used to increase the thickness of the impact absorption material with all the safety benefits that brings.

+ Comfort



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Human Engineering has brought significant innovation to the inside of helmets. With AGV EXTREME STANDARDS, the inside of the helmet starts with a concave 3D structure that is preshaped in a single piece moulded around the contours of the rider's head. No stitching on surfaces in direct contact with the head. The foam used for padding comes in 3 different densities depending on which part of the face is covered. Fit can be optimised by inserting special additional padding for the cheek pads and neck roll.


Ergonomics research on the use of helmets on the track allowed AGV EXTREME STANDARDS to raise the upper edge and the sides of the "window" to provide the rider with a better view of the track both ahead and to the side with all the benefits of active safety that implies. The field of vision is 15° better when looking up and the overall area of the "window" is 9% larger than found in a traditional helmet with no loss of protective capacity.





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Comfort is safety. A helmet that sits properly on the rider's head without being too tight, with an efficient but quiet ventilation system is a safer helmet as it allows the rider to focus their concentration on riding the bike.


Wind tunnel tests are carried out and the parameters relating to dynamic comfort are accurately measured using a physical prototype of the helmet with dedicated sensors fitted in a "dummy head" for this purpose.


In line with the principles behind the AGV Extreme Standards process, the structural components of the helmet are specifically designed to achieve the required performance standards while reducing overall size and weight to a minimum. The whole helmet is more compact and lighter but provides substantial improvements in protection, ergonomics and comfort. The helmet is also less affected by side winds.

Pista GP

Full carbon helmet specially designed for racing. Its wide field of vision, low weight, compact dimensions, increased ventilation, exclusive ergonomic design and class-leading aerodynamics set new performance standards.


Combines the performance of the Pista GP with road-riding features such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort without sacrificing the performance standards of the GP model.

GT Veloce

Brings the revolutionary design concepts of the Pista GP to GT and Sports Touring riders. The GT Veloce was specially designed to create a comfortable, compact and quiet helmet with highly efficient ventilation, a wide field of vision and a dedicated intercom system.


The new AGV point of reference for sports use but now with much more comfort. The shell is made of fibreglass and carbon fibre and guarantees resistance and lightness while the lines are aerodynamic and streamlined in true AGV style.
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